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Well, hello there. Thankyou for coming to check out my blog. I'll forever be grateful for your love and support. From those who have followed along since the very first time I posted a year ago with my leafy green, wildflower filled page to my new sleek and sophisticated look. 

My name is Holly. I am 27 years old and am currently living in London - the place I'v​e called home for the past five years now. I originally moved to the capital for university and I am now a paediatric intensive care nurse. I have been working at an inner city children's hospital for the past 3 years and love every single day. 

I have a great love for music, concerts and theatre. When there isn't a global pandemic, you will barely find me in my cosy flat. You'll find me front row at a Taylor Swift concert (yes, really), dayseating foo theatre tickets, crying with laughter with friends over dinner or tucked away in the corner of a coffee shop reading a book. I know we're all sick of hearing about "going back to normal soon", but we will get there. 

I suffered a mental health crisis 3 years ago. The very worst time in my life. I lost myself for a little bit there. But I've spent the past 3 years rebuilding myself and my love for life. I write quite a lot of blog posts about that time in my life. This blog has really been an outlet and escape for everything. I'm learning to deal with my emotions in a healthy way and it's extremely freeing. I suffer with depression and anxiety mainly. I've been medicated. I've not been medicated. I've been in therapy. I've been in the emergency room. I've had ups and downs. But long story short, I survived. 
I look forward to being with you on this journey of love, light and kindness. Let's take the most wholesome parts of ourselves and give them the power. Follow me on instagram (Linked below) for regular updates on new posts. 

Best, Holly xo 

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